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    I love going to Workshops that really teach you something, that give you the tools to understand more about a culture, that inspire you to make change.

    I did just that when I attended…….

    A Sense of Belonging’ – ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inclusion in an Early Childhood Education setting’

    Terry from the Goombuckar Cultural Centre came along with some of the Aboriginal Dancers to share with us songs, dances, dreamtime stories, Aboriginal Art and lots of learning.

    Its was a day that I gained further understanding into the Aboriginal Culture. I learnt about the importance of taking the time to make connections with local Aboriginal people,  to sit and listen to stories, to enjoy and honour traditions that are shared with us from the first custodian of this land. It was a day I wish all Australian’s could be apart of.

    You too could have a day like this….. why dont you look at Workshops in your area?

    Global Kids has a list of workshops you could attend….





    If you are on the Sunshine Coast I highly recommend you have the Goombuckar Cultural Centre visit your centre and teach educators, children and parents about the Aboriginal Culture …..


    Or do some research, find your local Aboriginal Group, have them attend your centre.

    There is some helpful inforamtion out there. Here is some to get your started….

    How can services acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal Australia?


    • Acknowledgment to Country at all meetings and important events esp. with children attending
    • Create a calendar with important Indigenous Events
    • Invite Aboriginal Dancers and performers to your centre – get as many people and children there as possible – invite the community!!!
    • Network with your local Aboriginal community
    • Tell everyone about what you are doing, show people how you are celebrating Aboriginal Culture
    • Play traditional Aboriginal games
    • Ensure your service has a range of indigenous posters, books, dolls, puzzles, games and pictures
    • Show the children Dreamtime stories on You Tube
    As educators it is our responsibility to teach children about the Aboriginal Culture, to do this you may need to learn too. I highly recommend attending a Workshop.
    Make the changes in 2013
    Mrs B





2 Responses to A day to remember …….

  • Cathy Smith wrote on December 14, 2012 at 5:58 // Reply

    I am finding your site inspiring and extemely motivational and i look foreward to see what is going to be next.

    • Mrs B wrote on December 14, 2012 at 7:32 // Reply

      Thank you Miss S, I love supporting Educators. Please let me know if there is any information you would like to see on the blog. Mrs B


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