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    Programming using Learning Stories

    The children’s program is the life of the centre. The program is where the action is. It is the process of action and reaction between educators and children, children and children, educators and educators, and educators and families. The essence of the program is life itself.

    Source: Creative Childcare Practice, Ian Broinowski.

    Taking this into account the program needs to be exciting, active, fun, flowing, and easy to create. This is one way you can program …..

    Mrs B’s Way ….

    Have a programming wall; this requires an area to display the learning stories for each day e.g.

    Monday           Tuesday         Wednesday              Thursday                  Friday

    Write a minimum of three learning stories a day, if possible one group and two individual. These can be written and discussed while involved in children’s play. You do not need to wait until rest time.

    Each learning story is based on               Notice           Recognise       Respond

    You can even respond then and there!!!

    If the learning story is an extension from a previous a day, write this into the learning story.

    Each learning story has attached an EYLF Outcome

    Each day fill in the Intentional Teaching Tracking Sheet and implement extension if possible.

    Each week hand out, email, or have next to the sign in book “What did you do on the Weekend” sheets. When a family gives you a completed sheet tell them they are “AMAZING “. Discuss it with your children, add the interests from the discussion to your program. Document this as a Learning story and display the learning story and the “What did you do on the weekend” sheet on your Programming Wall.

    Use coloured paper for your learning story, have large coloured photos, children’s drawings and art work displayed with the learning stories. Encourage all educators in the centre to read the learning stories in each room and discuss it with children and their parents. Be proud of your learning stories, get excited about the learning stories you are creating; everyday encourage parents, children and their older siblings to read the stories. Email individual Learning stories to the parents. Get people involved in what you do every day!!!

    In your Programming Folder have:

    • Photocopies of each learning story
    • “What did you do on the weekend” sheets
    • Intentional Teaching Tracking Sheet
    • Reflection Journal

    During Programming Time:

    • take down the learning stories from the Programming Wall
    • photocopy each learning story and add the photocopies to the Program Folder
    • Put originals into each child’s individual profile book
    • Read over the Intentional Teaching Tracking sheet and plan for your intentional teaching
    • Write in your Reflective Journal relating to the past week
    • Go into each room and read the learning stories and complement educators on what they are creating
    • Email parents about the exciting things their children are doing in the centre, attach photos and learning stories
    • Discuss Extensions or International Teaching with your Assistants and anyone that will listen
    • Pat yourself on the back!!! You are changing the lives of many, Thank you.

    Please click here to save the forms …..

    What did you do on the weekend

    Intentional Teaching Tracking Sheet

    Mrs B



11 Responses to Mrs B’s Program….

  • Bianca Wood wrote on November 10, 2012 at 10:51 // Reply

    So easy, yet so meaningful…what a great way to program…I’m sharing this with my teaching team. Thank you Mrs B, you truly are my inspiration at the mo. I LOVE your blog/Facebook page!

    • Mrs B wrote on November 10, 2012 at 2:30 // Reply

      You are more than welcome. I wish to thank you too Miss W, it means so much to me to network with passionate educators – Thank you Mrs B

  • Poh Lin Larner wrote on November 10, 2012 at 6:12 // Reply

    I love it. Anna read to us in our class today. Can’t wait to come back home and write to you. I can see how this going to be all about the child and the family. I’m going to talk to my team and see what happens…..??? Oh, can I just edit and add delete one of the extension box and add outcomes for the tracking sheet? In this way it will same time and we only use one paper. Is that a good idea?

    • Mrs B wrote on November 11, 2012 at 10:45 // Reply

      Yes Yes Yes. Love it. I want people to change it to best suit their centre.
      Mrs B

  • Poh Lin Larner wrote on November 10, 2012 at 6:21 // Reply

    Can you please clarify a little bit on on the “What did you do on the weekend? sheet. Do u hand them out to all families during each week? What if on Monday we have 5 sheets back on 5 families? Do we place all of them on the wall after discussion and added interest? Thanks

    • Mrs B wrote on November 11, 2012 at 10:43 // Reply

      Good Questions, “What did you do on the Weekend” forms where emailed to all parents each Friday, they where also available through out the week, next to the Sign in sheets.
      If five families brought in their forms on the same day I would have a range of small spontaneous group times through out the day discussing one or two “What did you do on the Weekend” forms at a time. I would Display all the “What did you do on the Weekend” forms on the Programming wall, adding learning stories next to the one’s you have extended on that day. The rest of the “What we did on the Weekend” forms, have a very basic learning story next to it. e.g Thank you to the Jones family for sharing what they did on the weekend. We talked about you going to Australia Zoo, some children had been Too! To extend on this the children and I will be creating our own Zoo through out the week. What do you think we could add to have Our own Australia Zoo?
      I hope this helps …
      Mrs B

  • Raymond wrote on November 13, 2012 at 10:02 // Reply

    Just came across your site (from Long Day Care Quality Care Support) and love it! Caught some awful fever-ridden flu on the weekend so decided to use my sick day to work on creating a program that is perfect for me and how amazing to come across this post! This is the type of program I was working towards along with fellow educators while working as an Assistant Director, so really love to see others using a similar practice (and have it all written down so others can easily follow!) It took us months to create/transorm our program and unfortunatley the inspired educator left the centre just as it was getting really awesome :(
    Thought I’d share some other ideas we came across:- like deciding to have a ‘Program Plan’ which was simply a few ideas of things to do on each day (songs to sing, books to read, activities to do). Useful for when the programmer is absent or is having one of those days and needs a visual reminder of anything they were hoping to follow up with. A note was made on the bottom that these things may not be done during the day as the program was flexible around children’s interests and needs etc just so parents were clear it wasn’t ‘absolute’. We also colour coded the days so it was easy to follow the plan, the program and the learning stories and see how they all linked together :) Again this was simply useful as a visual aide to educators in the room!
    We scrapped the idea of ‘needing’ paperwork to prove we were doing our job to a stranger and focused instead of using everything a program is as tools to help us get our job done effectively!
    Once again.. fantastic blog. Can’t wait to explore it further. Ray :)

    • Mrs B wrote on November 13, 2012 at 7:47 // Reply

      Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. I love it. Thats exactly what I want educators to do, use this as a starting point and transform the program that works for the centre. I have to share your comment on the Excuse me Mrs B Facebook page. Thanks Again and hope you feel better soon. Mrs B

  • Ian Broinowski wrote on February 26, 2013 at 8:10 // Reply

    Thankyou for using some of my thoughts on programming. I was delighted to see my comments on your page. If anyone would like a free email coply of my book please contact me.

    kind regards


    • Mrs B wrote on February 26, 2013 at 7:11 // Reply

      Thank you Ian, your book has been extremely helpful to me esp. when I was starting a new centre. I am sure there are many educators that could benefit from your book. It is extremely kind of you to offer a version of your book by emailing you at
      Keep them coming …..Mrs B

    • Maha wrote on July 7, 2014 at 12:07 // Reply

      Hi lan,
      I would like to get a free email copy of your book please. Hope it helps me to do my programming better.
      Thank you so much,


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