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    Source: Growing Early Childhood, Sue Inglis

    Here is another two learning spaces you can add to your rooms

    Creative Art and Expression Space

    Creative media in this space will allow children to explore and express their thoughts and ideas. Everyday they have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills in many aesthetic and creative areas such as drawing, painting, collage, clay, box construction and cutting. The large selection of equipment will provide children with opportunities to make genuine choices and decisions about their constructions.

    Opportunities to participate in group construction projects will allow children to engage with peers in negotiation, problem solving, and decision making, enhancing their social development skills. 

    Resources: two easels, collage trolly or self selection shelving, free choice collage materials, scissors, glue sticks, pva glue, string, free choice painting materials, acrylic paint and water paint (choice of colours) paper(choice of size and colour), clay, play dough, art books

    Technology and Media Space

    This is an area that technology and computer skills are developed and practiced. Children often discover that thechnology may be used for many purposes and is now an intergral component of our lives. Social interactions which occur at these times often engage peer tutoring and learning from each other. Children will become aware that digital photography assists us to document their work and ideas, where they will be invited to have input into their learning. 

    Resources: three up to date computers and appropriate software, teachers lap top, internet access, digital cameras

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