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    Source: Growing Early Childhood, Sue Inglis

    Here is some information on two more spaces that can be created in a Early Learning Space…..

    Literacy and Writing Space

    This is a purposeful space set up specifically to allow children to use various mediums selected from the self selection shelf for purposes that are of relevance and interest to them. Literacy tools in this area are also arranged so they are mobile to allow children to carry items to other spaces for use in other learning spaces.

    Resources: Texta’s, pencils, crayons, oil crayons, lead pencils, sticky tape, scissors, envelopes, post box, selection of coloured paper, hole punches, magazines, patterned paper, alphabet cards, clip boards and name cards.

    Every day we had clip boards with paper and pencils available to children in the outdoor area. Children would use them to document their learning such as creating treasure maps in the sandpit, doing pencil rubbings on the trees, drawing what they wanted the outside shop to look like or sitting under a tree to draw.



    Music and Movement Group Time

    The Children will be exposed to a variety of musical experiences which include dance, musical instruments, tapping sticks, group dances, partner dances, songs, poems, finger plays, movement to a variety of music rhythms and equipment to move to music with. The children will experiment with sound, beat and rhythm. This is a time of enjoyment, creativity, socialising and group participation. Children are acquiring listening skills, following directions, expressing themselves creatively and discovering the value of listening to and interacting with musical experiences.

    Resources: Large space, a variety of cd’s, tapes, cd player, tapping sticks, beanbags, intruments from all cultures, scarves, and ribbons.

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