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    Source: Growing Early Childhood, Sue Inglis

    You can provide posters in your room on the following ….. or start up a discussion with your team members about ….

    Inquiry and Investigation Space….

    This space allows children to freely access both natural and comercial reasources form a self selection shelving. This is an asthetically designed space provided where chidlren are able to engage freely in investigations, inquiry and sensory discoveries. The materials in this area also promote an array of mathmatical concepts such as sequencing, ordering, sorting, counting, sizes, patterns and design.

    Resources: Shells, plants, pinecones, feathers, stones, corks, shapes, peg boards. games, threading laces, jewels, buttons, sorting trays, baskets, trays, paper, coloured lino strips, material to name a few.

    A fantastic place to collect these items is Reverse Garbage, they even do mail orders ……

    You must check them out



    Dramatic Play Space….

    This space is diverse and evolves with the children’s interest. It is a space where children are able to participate in experiences to enhance their socialisation (sharing, taking turns), role play, imitation and imagination. This space further develops children’s understanding of the world though their eyes and gives them opportunity to learn how the world can be seen through the eyes of others.

    Resources: cubby, tables, chairs, fabric, cushions, oven, sink, fridge, plastic food, plates, cups, cutlery, dress ups, separate spaces for dolls, clothes, cot, blankets, bandages, menus, stationary items and many more. Ensure there is a wide range of everyday items from a wide range of cultures. 

    When ever I was setting up or re-setting a dramatic space I would stop, sit and really look. Think about things such as: are there four plates, 4 cups, 4 spoons. Is there enough clothing for the babies, are they wearing clothing? Ask yourself is this space inviting to play where thought has gone into the placement of each and every item.

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