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    Source: Growing Early Childhood, Sue Inglis

    In all of these spaces look at using natural baskets to store the items, discuss with the children how everyone will look after the items. You could take photos of the area so children, relief staff, students and visiting educators can see how the area is set up before and after play ……

    We created posters for each area explaining the following …..

    Game and Puzzle Space….

    In this space children develop skills in language recognition, taking turns and understanding rules. When engaged in puzzles children are problem solving, using hand eye coordination, developing spatial awareness and using cognitive skills (including trial and error). Developing an understanding of care and the importance of completing puzzles and packing away game pieces. Games allow children to understand the mathematical concept of chance.

    Resources: A range of age appropriate games and puzzles e.g for 3 – 5 yr old group selection of two games and 4 puzzels, a self section shelf, a table and chairs (ensure each child has enough space at the table)

    Construction Space…..

    This space challenges children’s thinking and allows them to experiment with spatial concepts such as balance, height and measurment. Children can build their creative skills working alone or in small groups, practising negotiation skills and turn taking.

    Resources: Small and large blocks, cars, animals, duplo, city blocks with people, connects, boxes, scarves, ribbons, stones, shells, leaves, and small material to name a few.

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